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[sharechat] cah -- and what to buy?

From: Jefley Aitken <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:48:35 +1300

good morning!

whatever is happening to cah?  $1.91 at last look!  yesterday's news just 
didn't seem worth yesterday's 8 cent rise, and this morning's rise seems 
beyond belief.  i've held this share for about four years, and yep, my 
initial price was $1.91.  have long since learned to dislike and distrust 
it, and am very tempted to sell because i cant understand the rise -- and 
don't trust it.
i haven't had great deal of success with the timing of sales lately, and 
would appreciate some opinions: get out and be grateful, or, hold on a bit.

which brings me to my last two not terribly well timed sales -- i have cash 
looking for an investment.  i've been watching and watching wri, pgg, wkl 
and believe the sector still has mileage.  any thoughts on the best choice.

i've also been following dpc and have developed a recent interest in csg. 
 if anyone has opinions on these shares, i'd like to hear.  then of course, 
if someone would like to write about their favourite "buy-now" share, that 
would be deeply and truly wunnerful...
regards, jefley

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