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[sharechat] Is there a difference this time????

From: "John and Beth Schwartfeger" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:01:49 +1300

All the bear and bull talk is certainly  based upon individuals perception of what has been and what could be.
Is there not a difference this time in the economic downturn of America? I am no where qualified or have enough brain cells left to even try to figure it out. BUT. With all the billions or is it trillions of dollars in aid and incentives the Bush administration has thrown into or promised for its economy since Sept. 11, is there not the prospect that this time things might kick up faster in America than has been the case throughout the rest of history? Or is all this money they talk about propping up the economy with just something they do everytime they start going down the gurgler?
The attitude of the American people since Sept. 11 and their focus with dogged determination that they are the greatest race on earth and as such they will fly out of this economic mess might surely be more galvanising and give a better chance of a rebound than what previously would be the case in a downturn?
The darkest cloud I see on the horizon is not what are they doing with terrorism in Afghanistan but what will they do after that country? There in lies the biggest worry to an economic recovery or otherwise.
Any ideas?
Cheers. John.

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