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[sharechat] Technical Analysis Agenda

From: "Intelligent Investing Team" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 12:52:50 +1300

Enough already, have a look at this.
We update this each day. With a days delay. It is used predominantly by our clients to help them learn from what we are trading. It is not a recommended list and we stress that people should not just mirror our activity. It would pay for a few $50 per hour metastock sessions all the same.
We currently split our efforts between this type of trading and Australian exchange traded options. If we posted the option results, some of you might choke to death on your own ignorance.
Why don't we all get back to focussing on helping people learn and develop methods that suit them. I am in full support of making people aware of all aspects of the various products and services, but make an effort to inform rather than criticise.
Nick McCaw
Intelligent Investing

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