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[sharechat] Genesis & other Biotechs

From: "Philip Robinson" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 09:11:28 +1200

Title: Message
One has to be careful of trying to understand the science behind these things, I was talking to a dermatologist (skin specialist) in clinic last week and she said that the GEN psoriasis thing was _________________. [Even the most mild of comments have to now be removed due to recent precedent setting judgment in Palmeston North.]
Things often take a lot longer than first envisaged and the companies that the small guys ultimately parent with to get their products to market often want their share which is not so small.
When GEN floated at $6 I was asked by a friend whether to invest and I said they would see the underside of 6 some time, it may not be this year or next but they will drop, I never knew how right I would be unfortunately. it is a very volatile investment and there are many ups and downs before market, and before profits.
I persoanlly like the look of Metabolic Pharmaceuticals (MBP: ASX) in Australia, I bought in after their recent phase I result, and have a small parcel, nothing significant, they have a goodpipe line and good people. But have seen the investment almost half in valve and recover so have to be aware of that.

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