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Re: Re: [sharechat] What a deal

From: "Dave Rushbrooke" <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 14:27:43 +1200


Just a few points.
1. I've been using this site now for over a year and a half and in that time 
have made several comments. However, recently without a computer, it has 
been somewhat difficult to make posts. Recently I was involved in discussion 
about RMG around the time the annual report occured. Perhaps you missed them 
or perhaps you can't find them because the history only includes the last 6 
or so days of each month. I admit that I'm not as vocal as some on this 
site, but you are incorrect in stating that I do not contribute.

2. I did not mention prices or specifics about service because this would 
definately be "spamming" as you put it. I'm merely passing on an experience 
I've had. I'm sure if Gerry, Peter or RIL (well maybe not RIL) had mentioned 
it, they would not have been the subject of a personal attack. If the fact 
that I don't spend as much time focusing on this site as others makes me a 
target of this sort of abuse then I'm sorry that I expressed my viewpoint.

3. If it was my intention to "spam" then I would agree that my post would 
have no place on sharechat. It was not so, although in hindsight perhaps my 
excitement blurred my good judgement somewhat. I agree with you on the point 
that we don't want a mass of "what a great..." posts, I'm sorry if it came 
across this way. However I feel that what is more damaging to this site is 
the negativity of some chatters. I've always thought you to be a fairly 
intelligent person SNOPPY, and often agreed with your points of view even if 
they were somewhat cynical. But what you have written this time... well your 
comment is exactly the kind of thing that Ben and others have been trying to 
stop. If you want to personally abuse me email me, if you want the message 
removed email Ben.

4. I felt what I have said in the past has been insightful. You said 
"hopefully we won't hear from you again". Perhaps you won't, perhaps I'll go 
somewhere else where people are a little more mature with their points of 
view about what I have to say. But keep it up I'm sure you'll be able to 
remove most of those other "pathetic" chatters if your attitude to them 
continues this way.


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