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Re: [sharechat] What a deal

From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 13:11:38 +0000

>I know that this is probably going to be frowned upon by some of
>you, as this is a stockchat site, 
Yes, and I see you know you are doing wrong.
>but these guys deserve a mention.
Not on this forum they don't
>I've just purchased a computer system from 
> and I have to say that the service was 
>incredible. They are a local Hamilton company so I thought I'd try 
>them out. I couldn't find a cheaper system anywhere else and, as I 
>said, their service is phenomenal.
>Anyway, I thought that you guys might appreciate the research I've
>done in purchasing a new computer. 
Your ranting of how you got a good deal with no mention of 
specification or price does or what is special about their service 
does in no way constitute 'research'.

Your psychology is typical of a spammer who thinks they are doing 
people a favour by informing people about your 'great deal'.  Well, 
guess what?  If everyone followed this logic this group would soon be 
overrun with spam about "What a great car I bought", "What a great 
mortgage deal I got" etc. etc.  Your message has no place here.
>Disc: Don't own any shares in this company, but I'm keeping my eyes
>open for a listing in a couple of years ;)
Your pathetic attempt to try and masquerade you message as a posting 
about shares has been noted.

I notice you haven't posted on this forum before.   Hopefully we 
won't hear from you again.   One to add to the killfile I think Ben. 

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