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[sharechat] MMD - Micromedical Industries Limited - Artificial heart / VentrAssist

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2001 14:55:34 +1200

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before proceeding.
The company has 2 main subsidiaries:
1.  e-Health division: This subsidiary designs and exports portable cardiac ECG recorders.
Their flagship the " Biolog 3000 " and their CardioView 3000 software enable ECG data to be sent by email.
The monitors are used on the USA space shuttle, by French mountain rescue teams, in doctors' consulting rooms, by veterinary surgeons, bloodstock- and animal breeders and others.
In many situations, a heart attack cannot be confirmed unless this device is used. Therefore, airlines in particular are keen to have this on board their planes: The data is sent by satellite to the patient's own doctor. 
Some of their monitors will do the same work as is done in hospitals using standard heavy equipment.
In addition, patients at home can be supplied with monitors and the data is fed through telephone wires to their doctors.
2. VentrAssist division.
In conjunction with the University of Technology, Sydney and with the support of the Federal Government, MMD claims that their artificial heart is soon to become a reality.
Where a heart no longer functions, this artificial heart will take over and becomes a de facto heart for the rest of the patient's life. It is an alternative to a transplant.
In a significant number of cases, the artificial heart can take the task of pumping to allow the patient's heart to recover. It has " a bridge to recovery " function. It can then be disconnected later. 
The value of this market in the US alone, is over $US 10 billion a year.
After further succesful medium term animal trials having been conducted at The Alfred Hospital, MMD will be ready to conduct human trials in Melbourne later in 2001.

Question: What is so different about this artificial heart?
Answ.: Current devices have many moving parts, they need more frequent maintenance. The MMD version is much superior as it has contactless bearings.( MMD holds several patents ). It has only one moving part and is therefore long lasting.
It is unique as it eliminates seals, shafts and bearings currently used by other devices. Those devices can cause serious side effects to recipients due to blood damage and any consequential clotting.
The MMD heart has been so refined that blood damage ( damage to blood platelets ) is now so low as to be almost unmeasurable.  
As the MMD heart will support life for many years, it was considered to be important to reduce the size of this artificial heart. Unlike other devices, it can now be fitted to small children as well. Adults use one with the size of a child's fist.          

Share prices.
I introduced MMD on Nov 10, 2000, when the share price was $ A 0.34. It was put on the watch list.
It hit 55 cents last week but is strongly supported @ 50 - 52 cents.
I am merely reporting on the progress of this stock; it still has human trials to do. The risk has been reduced, hence the rise in the share price. 
( Holds MMD stock )
Disclaimer. Readers are not asked to buy, hold or sell MMD shares or any other financial instruments; to do so will be entirely at their own risk.The contents of this article are my opinions.      

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