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[sharechat] LEARNING TO INVEST: Barriers to sound investment ( 2 )

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sun, 15 Apr 2001 16:34:45 +1200

Readers: The first installment was dated: April 14, 2001.
G: As you know, the younger generation incurs substantial costs, when they attend university.
 Reports confirm that the recovery of these loans by the Government is somewhat difficult.
 It will be worse when successive waves of graduates increase their borrowing. We already know that many are leaving for overseas.
H: What you are saying is that the total Government debt load will increase!
I think that sooner or later, university education will need to be selective as is the case in Finland, I believe?
G: As to immigration, we are lucky to some extent: As Africa ejects the white population either by legislation or by terror, some professionals will come here as they have been doing! However, we are not at the top of the pecking order!
Some people tend to think that NZ should hold a lot of people!
H: Tell that to the Swedes and the Finns! They are not that crazy: They have relatively small populations.
It must be obvious that a country with a " soft economy " and heavily depending on imports, cannot afford a large population. One would have more freedom if only these heavy protectionist barriers did not exists, I think.
Obviously, as emigration of skilled personnel is high at times, we need immigrants.We need quality, not quantity!
And we need to keep overstayers out, even if it results in adverse publicity!
G: The effects of these movements into- and out of the country as well as the in- and outflow of tourists and visitors, must benefit AIA
H: At last, we have one positive spinn-off !! But we already have shares in the Auckland Airport! Better put them in the bottom drawer I think! 
G: Turning to Health, any possibilities there?
H: Obviously, the health bill must rise and will have to come out of taxation. As this country has some significant health problems, there always will be a high expenditure.
 Ebos and a subsidiary of F& P are known to investors. We don't hold any shares in these companies.
G:As to: " Closing the gap", the Government will rely on the votes of the people who will be the beneficiaries.
One would expect significant costs but employment for those who get the contracts!
( to be continued ) 

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