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Re: [sharechat] evz

From: "Gary Rountree" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 21:56:02 +1200

    As a relative cashbox, they are in the unfortunate situation of being a "tech" stock. Any new development may be regarded negatively as having downside due to perception of "tech losses" and cash burnout, however the caution they have taken to investing and lack of activity in bringing somewthing to the market is punishing them, as well as underachievment of E-Loan.
    The excessive caution they have excercised and preservation of cash, should at least limit any downside, as the current price must be below well cash reserves and the quality of the board and connection via Softbank still provide potential upside...but when and if they can pick a winner who knows. They have indicated that they are evaluating a couple of proposals quite closely.
disclosure - I'm also sitting on a paper loss, but intend to hold  

 I bought some evz  at 41c they are now trading around 24 and have been slipping for a while on small volumes.
They last reported a loss and no particular direction yet they have 50million in the bank.
What do others reckon?
 Are they worth holding in anticipation of some movement given their bank balance and that they have  the Warehouse connection and their is a possibilty Tindall could use evz when and if he sets up his store banking.
Some others opinions  and educated thoughts would be greatly appreciated as I'm tossing up whether to cut my losses or not.

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