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[sharechat] Calculating growth rates

From: David Hawthorne <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 11:46:24 +1200

Title: Calculating growth rates

Hi fellow readers,

In my quest for sharemarket knowledge, I have stumbled across a simple excel formula for calculating  growth rates.  This formula will work for any growth rate, including EPS, Total return, Sales etc.  I am happy to share this formula with you, however, before I send the formula in,  I would like to gauge interest.  Is anyone actually interested?  How many contributors / readers actually use formulas like this in making decisions, or do most ppl just purchase on a whim.  By the quality of postings, I believe most of you do a lot of research.  Therefore, has anyone else created any formulas?

I enjoyed a posting from a couple of months ago regarding how to calculate the enterprise value of a company.  (I think from Snoopy - correct me if I'm wrong).   Does anyone have any usefull links or more educational discussions to share, on how to value a company?  Keep the postings coming in!!

thx in anticipation



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