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[sharechat] Tranzrail - Share Price Action

From: "David Ling" <>
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 03:16:27 -0000

It is not a question of bad-mouthing TRH.

Nobody disagrees that TRH has problems - some have been mentioned at this 
forum and there are other problems yet to come ... like a potential strike 
within the next 3 weeks if the company fails safety checks on some of its 

The point is - has it already been priced into the stock?  Have investors 
done their homework and look at the impact of what the sale of its various 
divisions and rail corridors will do to its balance sheet and capital 
expenditure/upgrade program? Some brokers have done the numbers and they are 
rather enlightening.

Fay Richwhite and Wisconsin are selling their stakes - instead of blindly 
following the news media who state that nobody wants to buy, could it be the 

My point is - don't let sentiment stand in the way of making investment 

Finally, those who bought off the government made an absolute killing.

As Warren Buffett said - 'Good investmenting is all about the transfer of 
wealth from the poorly informed or misinformed to the well informed!' THINK 
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