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RE: [sharechat] Frucor a good sign !!

From: "Andrew Dengel" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 18:42:51 +1300

Whilst I am a Frucor fan and am still short term bullish about them, I cant help but worry about the extremely fickle/trendy nature of the market they are in. V etc are all very popular “now” but the main consumers ie teenagers and twenty somethings can change with the wind, Frucor will have to be constantly coming up with “the next big thing” to remain a real long term growth prospect and hey they may be able to do so.. but man I bet the marketing and product development teams have high stress levels!!

Just think of all the “trendy” drinks that have come and gone – does anyone remember Miami Wine Coolers!!


Just a thought



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From: []On Behalf Of nick
Sent: Tuesday, 27 February 2001 16:44
Subject: [sharechat] Frucor a good sign !!


         Ok first off i admit im biased, i have always been bullish

about Frucor and still am.  The result yesterday was in line with most peoples

expectations. Sure they fell short of the prospectus, however they set themselves

a very high target, and have in my opinion performed very well.

       The company continues to grow strongly, sure they have made a few mistakes

along the way, but nothing that cant be put right. 

      They have top class products, are growing rapidly in the nz and aussie

markets, and hopefully will have learnt some lessons in the uk.

           Compared with many of the results of the last few weeks, frucor

hasn performed at all badly. 

    They still made a good profit, which is likely to grow strongly over

the next few years.  How many companys in NZ can that be said about?






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