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re-Re: [sharechat] LEARNING TO INVEST : FIN and SHAREHOLDER numbers

From: "Malcolm Cameron" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 11:19:04 +1000

gerry read the information on the nzse site its going to make things easier 
but there is no mention of compulsion. I have not recieved a letter from 
access yet and as I live in australia complying with a 1/2/2001 deadline is 
impossible. this sounds like preperation for asx merger when in most cases 
your broker holds the shares for you
regards malcolm

>From: "G Stolwyk" <>
>To: "" <>
>Subject: [sharechat] LEARNING TO INVEST :  FIN and  SHAREHOLDER numbers
>Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2001 13:31:55 +1300
>The following advice was given by me to somebody whose broker wanted a 
>listing of share holdings, FIN and Shareholder numbers:
>"Normally, a broker will ask you for a FIN number again if it appears that 
>you have given them an incorrect number when you made a sale.
>Otherwise, it is strictly a matter between the Share Registrar and you, I 
>would say.
>Some brokers like to obtain more control by suggesting that their clients 
>lists their holdings.
>A broker may then advice that it would be better if so and so shares were 
>to be sold and others bought as replacement.
>The broker may well be sincere and tries to take good care of 
>you.Obviously, he already has a record of your dealings with him!
>By you listing them every so often, a broker will know if you also traded 
>with another broker!
>I have had these requests over the years but as I don't have any 
>'Alzheimer' as yet, I have always ignored them!!
>In any case, none asked for my FIN number.
>Any correspondence asking for FIN numbers may be from fraudulent sources: 
>you can lose your money if you don't take  care with your FIN number!
>I suggest you contact your Registrar first and discuss this with them. If 
>the broker's request was in a written form, I suggest you mention this as 
>Is it possible that you have vested these shares with your broker as 
>security? You don't mention this; if so, I can't answer your question.
>If in doubt, you should always contact your Share Registrar first!
>Those are my opinions."

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