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[sharechat] Confusing??

From: nickkearney <>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 13:44:27 +1300

Hello all

Holidays are a wonderful thing.  If nothing else, they allow one to
catch up on some reading and to spend time analysing what they might
read whereas suring the year, when one is a bit rushed they might miss

Here is a prime example from today's Auckland (NZ?) Herald.

And I quote from busines section E3.  Article by Daniel Riordan on AIR
NZ.  It says:

" Air New Zealand is in for a tough year in 2001....[p}ursuing growth at
the expense of profits will mean a return to the early 1990's, when
airlines chased market share and revenue, and profit yields suffered. 
[But] the double whammy of rising fuel prices and the strong US dollar -
which increase costs and may soon squeeze discretionary travellers'
dollars - threaten to make 2001 a difficult year."

Simple enough?  Maybe, but then I turned to page E7 and the Stockmarket
summary page.  I quote directly from that:

"Others to do well yesterday were AIR NZ B shares, which went up 15c to
$2.25.  Its NZ resident-only A share lagged, rising 2c to $1.57."


"But brokers suggested that a stronger dollar and expectations that fuel
prices were past their peak should benefit the stock in 2001".


On one hand the Herald article has a bearish sentiment for AIR NZ yet
BROKERS are bullish on the stock!

Makes you wonder if they just do what most of us do sometimes.  Put
their hand into the lolly jar and pull out what they grab and promote

Oh well.  Back to the drawing board.

Final entries for the 2001 stock pick are:

Tony HAddon AQL
Philip Robinson Apple fields
Mike      ITC
Mark Hubbard  CGB
Frankums?  TPC
Derek w   eforce
Windies  indranet
Peter Robertson  BDO
Cullen    SPE  (Might win the Railway HAndicap at Ellerslie too.  If you
are into Horsies you will know what I mean)
Christies  NOG
Anna NAum  WDT
Margie   ITC
Kelvin   MCD
Chris Castle  ITC
Andrew Cooper  TTP
Warner  EFC
MAthrew Van Neen  EVZ
David woodhouse  RMG
Me    RMG also.

The favourite is ITC.  Dark horse is AQL.  Rank outsider is EFC/CGB/SPE.

Cheers for now


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