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Re: [sharechat] weezil

From: "Nigel & Sue Bendig" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:27:31 +1300

We share (no pun intended) common ground excepting my FFS avg is to high to say here, but my SPE is slightly better than you at 5.4cps. Been with them since b4 the split (way back when).
Like you I was hoping the previous note would cause masses of informed inside information as to why this is a great share, and great things were just around the corner. It didn't so I re-opened my bottom drawer, and back they went.
Sorry that I can't shed any light on what is going on. It's been all quiet from the company for some time, and coupled with (relatively) low volumes of trading, it seems the forgotten one. Why even AQL isn't mentioned here these days, but both trade in the same penny dreadful range.
I had considered recommending a 10:1 consolidation, but after watching Savoy ...................................
Not going tomorrow, but would appreciate any comments if anybody does swing along

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