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[sharechat] NZSE showing enthusiasm ............

From: "P Maiden" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 21:07:21 +1300

From this weeks Infotech about internet trading. Whether this is full market depth or not hsrd to tell but hope yet - but reading between the lines not much enthusiasm for it.
Quote - Mr Foster says the exchange will next year begin monitoring the difference between buy and sell quotes for stocks on the exchange. The difference between the two, known as "spread", is another measure of liquidity – key to a healthy market.

Low-cost Internet trading services might be expected to reduce spreads by making it more attractive to buy and sell stocks in response to small share-price movements, but Mr Foster says he has no anecdotal evidence this has occurred.

The move to start measuring spreads follows similar initiatives in overseas exchanges, he says. "It's another piece of information that helps people assess things."

Full story-,1008,510563a1898,FF.html



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