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[sharechat] NZSE's New Capital Market

From: "Philip Robinson" <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:15:11 +1200

I thought I would look at the NCM and see if it had been worth it to put
money into every issue regardless and if you were up or down overall. The
big winner as most will know is Rocom. But the interesting thing is that all
except Rocom & Mowbray have traded at or under their issue price enabling
you to pick them up cheaper than at issue, that is only three issues but as
you can see from the figures they are the poorer performing issues which
currently are dragging down some nice figures from Mowbray and Rocom.

Low                 Today 29.9.00
E-opportunity (now Selector)     SEL         0.72 (+44%)             0.45
(-10%)         47 (-6%)
Mowbray                                  MOW     0.84 (+68%)
0.50 (0%)             67 (+34%)
Retail X                                     RTX         0.56 (+12%)
0.40 (-20%)         50 (0%)                                NZI         0.52 (+4%)
0.40 (-20%)         50 (0%)
Rocom                                      ROC         1.40 (+180%)
0.65 (+30%)     80 (+60%)
Total Return
                     +61.6%                         -20%

E-opportunity has completed its Key Transaction and is now Selector group, a
Human Resource technology company with a projected FY01 PE of 11.75 (47c) on
revenue of 3.9 million. They have signed a strategic alliance with Seek
Communications: "Australasia's leading Internet-based employment website".
They have also just launched an online search tool for resumes and
psychometric testing, this "completes a trilogy of on-line products marketed
by Selector Group, developers of human resource technology.  It is designed
to work with its on-line psychometric assessment, e-Profiler and its CV
builder, e-Resume."

Rocom with a excellent $1.40 YTD high, good for those who got an allocation.
Rocom Wireless (NCM) has commissioned an independent valuation of ROCOM Ltd,
with a view to acquiring all of its shares. They even had to answer to the
market surveillance panel for such a good listing price increase, even at a
close of 80c they are showing a solid 60% increase, but most didn't get the
number they wanted at 50c, but even if one bought in at 65 or 70 the upside
is still there and more to come after the Key Transaction maybe.

Retail X have not been around long and are still to unveil plans for their
key transaction....but Stirling Sports is an not unlikely option. ,they are looking to acquire Rheuman and Co. a stockbroker
looking to expand into Australia, also the New Zealand Investment Journal.
Not a lot of action or news so the shareprice is looking a little

Mowbray is looking to acquire a collectables company but has not completed
its Key Transaction yet.

Rheuman and Co have launched a Submarine Coy for the next NCM, and word on
the street is that Greentek (unlisted) may be the next NCM from the stable
of Rheuman & Co.

20% is not bad since May but then it has been a volatile ride. I would be
interested if anyone has bought every listing from NCM and if they ever got
cold feet and bailed.

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