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[sharechat] Borrowed $$....Philip-bah humbug

From: "Peter Maiden" <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 13:24:03 +1200

Roy does have a point but I am sometimes horrified at the thinking of the 
youngsters of today - but it is hard to challenge their argument and rationale 

When asking my daughter (18 and not yet applied for a student loan but the bank 
has given her an $1000 overdraft) why she had just spent more than half her 
total net worth on some clothes the response was 'don't worry  - it's only a 
smidgeon of my capitalised future earnings stream ...."

And to make it worse "Dad - isn't the capitalisation of future earnings and the 
value of intangibles (like intellectual property) the basis of how you value 

MAybe the likes of ADV and BCH are not overvalued in this context?

Game, set and match. The result of a uni course in economics and accounting.

Respect Phil's and Oli's views - the younger generation have to start 
somewhere. Remember they have yet to do their post graduate studies at the 
University of Hard Knocks - like us slightly older people had to do.



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