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Re: [sharechat] National Mail

From: "Warner Lamb" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2000 14:53:49 +1200

John,I suppose I better clarify my opinion.I believe personal mail will be
dead.From my experience this year,my partner and I have not sent one piece
of mail via post.We have used email to stay in touch with everyone.The same
goes for the replies.
The internet will certainly keep them busy with delivery of packages but
youll find a lot more coming in from overseas ie.Amazon and the likes.
I used to get rent checks in the mail, not now thanks to AP.
Now online banks are cutting down on correspondence.
As the verified email and signatures gets widely accepted, you will see
business post decline too.
This is happening as opposed to Might happen.
Its natural for people to gravitate to a 1.Free service 2.Instant service
Why would people not change?
One other thing..We correspond with many Japanese people...On the net you
can have their email converted to English if they write in Japanese..Try
that via normal post.(or many other languages Free)
Nat Mail and NZ Post must be thinking of other ways to generate
revenue..They must see the trend already.

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