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[sharechat] Re: The ITC sharechat today

From: bob prikker <>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 17:36:37 +1000 (EST)

[quote]Nick wrote:
       I learnt one thing from todays live sharechat
and that was if you invest in a company such as ITC
are basically betting blind.  The average shareholder
has no real way of knowing how the company is
performing, when or if the company will ever be
profitable. In short highly speculative.
       Hard to believe that only a few months ago
these type of stocks were being bid up to rideiculous
prices.  There was talk of this stock sailing past
a dollar, unbelievable.

Nick, I was insulted for pricking the Itc hype on this
site. Nothing positive I heard about today's 'live
chating' with Mr Dittus. So it didn't go that well,
did it? Your words couldn't be any truer Nick.

bob prikker

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