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Re: [sharechat] Re: Destroying value

From: Derek Watt <>
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000 17:49:57 +1200

>Fair comment Derek. 
>Who will pay for devaluated skills of new immigrants entering NZ? 
>Why do they drive Taxicabs with the Master of Medicine diplomas? 

My post did not refer to immigrant issues.

>What’s about Chinese residents who run businesses of shore and >their
families are living in NZ? They use all of the NZ services. 

I'm not sure what you mean. My proposal is that anyone recieving
a postgraduate education in NZ should pay for it if they don't
wish to stay here. It doesn't matter if they are a New Zealander
or from overseas. (Apart from that, I'm in favour of a free 
education system for anyone staying.)

>Did Rill permanently leave NZ or, would he come back after next
>Government’s election? 

Ril has previously expresed his contempt for NZ, I doubt if 
he is coming back.

>You should get those points clear first, before you will post further in
this subject. 

>There is never-ending list of ‘WHY’S’. 

>Derek, don’t go so far. You may get lost quickly. 

This is true, but I wish to find out what other people think
on such issues. If I don't post such comments I never will.



Derek Watt

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