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Re: [sharechat] AIRVB

From: "Oliver Shapleski" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 00:16:20 +1200

> Yes Oliver, very cynical,
> Can you give a more detailed reasoning on way you believe BRY, SIA &
> would be in 'kahootz' to increase their individual share prices.

Other than personal self interest? Not really, but I've never started a
rumour before.  Do I reeeaally need to do the analysis? ;-)
Your thoughts are probably quite right, and I agree that BRY may be trying
to "play chess".  Now I don't claim to be that good at the real game, but I
know you're supposed to look several moves ahead.  BRY to me seems to be
looking nowhere, and has been looking nowhere for most of the midgame.  I
personally think BRY should forego the chance of a comeback in the endgame
and topple its king while it still has some dignity (and value?) remaining.
I do hope they can resurrect themselves (both BRY and AIR), and good luck to
you brave ones, but my dollar's going elsewhere i.e. Telemedia and Telstra
today (also oh so cheap right now!!!)

> Now I can understand why SIA is interested in AIR NZ and I also understand
> that most analysts think there is little chance of Qantas being successful
> in it's bid.(I would be interested in a competitors business at the right
> price also). Surely with the SIA board of directors having close
> to theBRY's board, the sale is really a foregone conclusion, albeit  a
> little way away.(remember BRY needs to reduce it's debt burdon asap).
> The game of chess that the BRY board is trying to play, by their non sale
> announcement today, maybe an effort to put pressure on other parties
> interest.  The NZ. Government won't be keen on allowing  Qantas the
> opportunity to purchase, but will not be able to stop SIA acquiring AIRVB
> shares. I suggest you get in while the price is right, this price won't
> last. I think some people may have tried for the quick buck in the last
> days which has lead to todays price dip, a long side the BRY announcement.
> suspect they would have been better off looking a month or so ahead, but
> that's what makes this share forum so interesting, we all have different
> views.
> Cheers Bret

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