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Re: [sharechat] Tech stocks??

From: "Osbert Sun" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:47:11 +1300

"Bill" <> wrote:
> Kelvin...hang on to your seat !  The Stockwatch Graphs on todays trading
> of each of your picked shares looks uncomfortable.  A walk in the fresh
> air is the story.

As a long term holder (as indicated by Kelvin in an earlier message), the
daily share price fluctuation is irrelevant. I bought GPG for holding long
term. As such it doesn't worry me how it performs daily as I'm confident the
stock will deliver a healthy return in a long run. For some stocks I trade
taking advantage of their large short-term price fluctuation. I bought a
small parcel of SPE recently with intention to trade when its share price
rebound. For this one I do watch it constantly.

Osbert Sun

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