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Re: [sharechat] force corp

From: "Grant Robertson" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 13:31:53 +1300

I think that any company interested in Digital Television development is an excellent mid-long term investment.
Let time takes it's deadly toll.
Did anybody read the article on Force/ihug buy out and backdoor listing?   Seems like another scare monger artcle to me instantly the share price has dropped after such an article.  I Beleive Force/ihug is an exellent medium to long term investment they have kept there core bissness structure ( construction ) an then diversified into e-commerce I hug is New Zealands #1 internet company along with computer sales,toll call options, internet tv and an Australian isp they have a strong future and revenue base.  MAybe we couldn't pick up sares at 20 cents each like Peter Francis could :( but then again we don't have 40 odd million to buy out ihug.  I think they could be one to hang onto for furture growth and they do pay a small divi 1 cent per share if you are registered by 3rd March.  Ok well make up your own mind but don't take your info from one source.
Cheers Beers 


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