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[sharechat] ebo

From: Nigel McCarter <>
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 10:26:41 +1300

Long term investors might note EBOS:
profits and dividends are up, but the company is currently trading at a PE
of about 8 and PS of just under 1.  Profits and sales are up by 28%
(release below) but the share price has dropped from high of 3.60 last
December down to between 3.30 and 3.40 in the last couple of weeks.
Announcement of further acquistions in the Australian market are expected
within the next two weeks.

"Directors are pleased to report an increase in pre-tax profit to $2.970m for 
                   the half year to 31/12/99 - a 28% increase over the
previous half year (last 
                   year $2.319m). 
                   The result includes our pro-rata contribution from our
investment in Health 
                   Support.  Both the Ebos Group result and the Health
Support result are on 
                   target.  This half year produced a solid improvement in
earnings from Ebos' 
                   NZ core business and both Australian subsidiaries.
The Group did not hav2 
                   the benefit of large export contracts enjoyed in recent
                   Directors and senior executives continue to work on a
number of growth 
                   initiatives to further strengthen our position in the
market, and expect to 
                   be in a position to make an announcement to shareholders
in the next 2 weeks. 
                   End CA:00053788 For:EBO    Type:HLFYR
Time:2000-02-22:16:36:17 Encrypt:Y "

(Disclosure: own shares in EBOS)

Nigel McCarter
Safety Management and Information Services Ltd
Box 23 019 Hamilton
Phone 64 7 858 2429 Fax 64 858 2689
Mobile 02 212 4901

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