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[sharechat] SVY/AQL comments

From: Robert Nottage <>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 23:47:04 -0800 (PST)

Rob Henderson wrote:
"Im continually amazed by the interest these boards
are generating in the likes of SVY and AQL. They have
delivered absolutely nothing to investors and i feel
will not do so in the short to medium term either. AQL
in particular seem shady to say the least....."

I find your comments extremely naive but opinion is
free on this site. Quite a lot of tech stocks have not
returned dividends to their investors yet and are not
expected to either as they are still in their
infancies. Many investors in these stocks are
short-term traders and so do get returns from them in
buying when they are trading low, and selling when
they move to a high. 
As for AQL, I would not malign the company or its
directors if I couldn't substantiate my comments
because it wouldn't do anything for your credibility
at all. AQL has not promised investors anything and
the company has yet to declare its future direction
officially. Therefore everything that has transpired
over the last few weeks has largely been a result of
the speculation of investors who want to be on the
right train when it leaves the station.
Trust we will see more meaningful and intelligent
contributions to this site in the future.

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