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Re: [sharechat] holder number

From: "" <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 13:31:21 +0000

> From:          "Stuart Allen" <>
> I have 2 statements from the National Registries.
> on each one the holder number
> is different. when i sell, does it matter which number i use?
This is just a clerical error which ideally should be corrected 
before you sell.    You write to the registry informing them that you 
have been issued shares under two holder numbers, stating how you 
wish the holdings to be consolidated.

They will then write back with two statements.  The first statement 
will show the holder number that you wish to discard with the share 
balance dropping from whatever you hold down to zero.   The second 
statement will show the number of shares that you held under the 
other  shareholder number that you want to keep going up to reflect 
the total number of shares you own.   At least, that is what happened 
in my case.

However, since you haven't done this, and according to the records 
you are two people you should behave as such.   In other words.

1/ If you want to sell all your holdings just use both of the numbers 
you were given as if the whole transaction was in reality two 
separate ones.
2/ If you only want to sell the shares under the 'rogue' shareholder 
number, just do that, (which will fix the clerical error at the same 
3/ If you wish to sell more shares than you hold under the rogue 
number, sell all the shares you hold under the rogue number, and the 
balance from your 'real' number (which will fix the clerical error).
4/ If you wish to sell less shares than are listed on your rogue 
statement, use your rogue number to sell.  Then write to the registry 
requesting that the remaining shares under your rogue number are 
transferred to your real number.

I think that covers all the possibilities.
> only one company on both  statements.
Which means the error is easy to fix, as only the one company is 
involved.  SNOOPY

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but that still only makes me wrong once."

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