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Re: [sharechat] Tech sharemarket bubble

From: "hugh webber" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:58:03 +1300

I also agree the Internet is about many different things but its
penetration in some areas eventually is limited. Are people really going to
buy a grand piano, a car, a house, a haircut, dental surgery off their
Internet screen? Not really, they need to test drive things. Is
making a profit yet? Nope. 

Ok, if its a can of Watties baked beans and 2 litres of milk and its going
to be delivered within 10 minutes or some sort of pervert who's into having
plain brown paper parcels delivered to his post box.

I just don't see the scenario that the Internet is going to replace
shopping ( don't forget wimmin like shopping better than anything else and
that's physical shopping, hands on stuff), or most aspects of living. Would
you really prefer to take a virtual holiday to Hawaii or the south of
France to a real one?
Aren't some of these tech stock prices factoring in 100% penetration of
everything? Is there anyone else left whose sane besides myself? well, I
acknowledge I have had some valuable support but I'm starting to feel like
the last days of the Bruce Judge empire where a new takeover was announced
every week at even higher prices after last weeks one fell over...

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