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[sharechat] TTP

From: "Brian Brakenridge" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 08:19:06 +1200

Matthew, I have to agree with Chris and expand by asking why you are in this game. Are you a trader in which case you have to know your knitting and take the good with the bad. Or are you of the attitude that you buy quality stocks and sit on them long term. If you are comfortable with the research you did on TTP prior to buying and are happy that their recent drop is not induced by anything sinister then hang in there. The old saying "time in the market rather than timing the market" is so true. Do your homework, do the trade and go fishing.
I've only been in the game a short while and learned very quickly that 90% of the time I would have been better off if I'd gone fishing rather than watching the markets.  
Any comments on my previous message or have I bought up a touchy subject. I wonder if big brother (mutual fund) is watching me.....
Beers and cheers, Brian Brak

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