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[sharechat] Mutual Funds

From: "Brian Brakenridge" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 21:18:44 +1200

Hi there: I have just been introduced to this sight after spending a lot of time looking for a NZ investment chat / message board. I have also been spending a lot of time studying the very popular US web page called Motley Fool  (check out their international message board to meet some Kiwi Fools)
I don't know if the Fool's page or it's contents have already been discussed on your forum but Mark Hubberds message stating his disillusionment with mutual funds mirrors mine, and I suspect, an increasing number of investors out there. If it hasn't already been done I would like to stimulate some serious discussion on the topic of mutual fund performance.
As you will read in the Fools ramblings, in the last 10 years around 75% of US equity funds have underperformed the S & P 500. These statistics worsen considerably if all mutual funds are compared with the S&P500. I read somewhere recently that the mutual fund industry is the only industry in the world that strives to be average.
I am very interested in finding independent research backtesting NZ fund performance and comparing the industries general performance not only with NZSE40 index but also with US and Global Indexes (indicies?).
Where can an investor find such research? If these topics have already been discussed I apologise in advance, otherwise I look forward to some comment. 
Cheers for now, Brian 


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