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Re: [sharechat] ASX: WAL - Wavenet UPDATE

From: "Cristine Kerr" <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 13:36:17 +1000

Am now watching for opportunities to top up.
WAL is placing 22,727.273 shares at 22c each in two tranches to raise a total of $5M before costs.
First tranche - 4,282,750 - $942,205 issued immediately. Remaining 18,444,523 - $4,057,795 will be issued following receipt of shareholder approval which will be sought at a meeting end April.
Raising (which will go to working capital to support recently announced supply contracts and forthcoming orders) is to assist costs associated with WAL's rapid growth phase, i.e.; the ability to capitalise on the enormous market demand since Wavenet's launch of the BM3 modem.
Personal Opinion: Short term this is extremely frustrating, however; over the mid to long term this will aid WAL's growth and is therefore excellent news for WAL and excellent news for longer-term investors. Personally (based on present circumstances), I have decided to hold but will continue to monitor the wisdom (or otherwise) of this decision.
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Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2004 11:52 AM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] ASX: WAL - Wavenet UPDATE

ASX Announcement - 4.4.04: Wavenet receives $720K order for wireless modems:
' ... announced today that it had received its second order from Aether Systems, Inc (Nasdaq: AETH), a leading provider of wireless and mobile data solutions. The modems will be used in Aether's multi-mode wireless communications and tracking solution MobileMax.
"The MobileMax system is capable of transmitting and receiving dispatch messages, GPS position reports, data and state-line crossings, vehicle fault codes, and driver performance. Hundreds of fleets have improved their operations and customer service by deploying Aether's MobileMax multi-mode solution," said John Tompson Wavenet's Managing Director. "Aether's MobileMax is the only solution in the US to use a multi-mode system that automatically switches between land-based wireless and satellite communications networks without driver or dispatcher intervention. This ensures maximum coverage and more cost-efficient communications as the MobileMax device decides which network is best used at any point in time based on operational data costs and coverage."
Wavenet will commence deliveries of its flagship BM3 modem to Aether in April; shipments will be on a monthly basis and continue through December to satisfy both orders to hand.
According to Mr Thompson "We now have a backlog of $3.8M for wireless modems and good prospects for additional orders going forward. More importantly though is the quality of customer now being signed up; these companies have both volume and consistent demand for our technology." ... '
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Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] ASX: WAL - Wavenet UPDATE

Wavenet have just released their half-year report and it's MORE good news.

Half-year Report released Friday 27Feb, 6.42pm
All great news:
Revenue UP 790% - $2,370,000 ($266,253 previous corresponding period) (NB $2,370,000 includes $1.4m grant which means revenue excluding grant was still up around 375%)
Cash Outflows DOWN 81% - $227,503 ($1,180,585 corresponding period)
Net Loss DOWN 47% - $653,000
Cash Balance UP 25% - $1,411,550
Current Liabilities: $872,797
Total Net Assets: $1,435,063
Events subsequent: As at 27 Feb - new agreements and backlog of sales orders totalling $2.4M with deliveries scheduled before end June 2004 (SUPPLEMENTARY INFO - notices since 31 Dec03 follow)
The Board believes additional contracts will be secured during the coming months fulfilling a major strategic goal of diversifying its customer base and establishing a more consistent revenue stream going forward. Within the next 12 mths, the Directors expect that Wavenet will become the major supplier of this wireless technology into the Northern American market place.


Keycorp places more orders (2500) for wireless modems (total now over 4500)
Signs Global Wireless Data LLC as major reseller for US
WAL - Wavenet
Wavenet International Limited has just received their first order from Lipman Electronic Engineering Ltd (US).
Wavenet's BM3 wireless modems will be integrated into Lipman's EFT (Electronic funds transfer) and POS (point of sale) solutions which will enable users to conduct debit and credit transactions in a mobile environment over worldwide networks.
This initial order for Wavenet's BM3, which is anticipated to be the first of repeat quarterly orders from Lipman, is valued at $500K.
Lipman has subsidiaries in the US, China, Turkey, Far East, Latin America, Spain, Russia, Italy, Canada, and Latin America.
Wavenet is evidencing growth in demand for wireless point-of-sale terminals. They are seeing a trend in the US towards cashless transactions and mobile commerce which are ideally suited to their technology.
Wavenet expects to see more groups making decisions to move from trials to mass deployments over the next few months.
The technology for this niche product was developed by Wavenet under an AusIndustry R&D Start Grant and Wavenet continues to conduct R&D into more adaptable wireless architectures capable of working over a number of networks.
WAL - Wavenet Signs Supply Agreement with Cingular Interactive for Mobitex Wireless Modules - Initial Order Worth $1.2M - ASX Announcement at 12.15pm today
' ... Cingular's Mobitex network is in the US leading data-only network and provides extensive coverage, high reliability and low latency in more than 492 markets, covering 93% of the urban business population in the US. ... '
The deal is based on Wavenet's BM3 wireless module which is destined to become the company's flagship product. It is the most advanced of its kind in terms of power efficiency, performance and ability to run applications. BM3 was developed to target numerous growth markets in automoatic vehicle location, mobile point of sale, security, and cashless vending.
BM3 is an important part of Wavenet's strategy to become the largest supplier of this technology into the US.
NB Total Shares Issued - 28,885,005 (Does it get any better than this?)


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