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Re: RE: [sharechat] TA/FA Debate!

From: fntradingsolutions <>
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2003 14:58:30 +1000

Your spoiling my fun I have a serious debate running, lets stick to the Issues.
To quote another Greek
Diogenese :
Alex the Great " Diogenese, please tell your Philosophy of life "
Diogenese " Could you please move to the right a little, you are standing in my sunlight"
Alex the Great ( Staying the sword hand of his bodyguard ) " Were I not Alex the Great I would be Diogenese "
In other words " Credat Judaeus Apella "
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Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: RE: [sharechat] TA/FA Debate!

        Well said !  At risk of changing this into a philosophical forum, though the blend would not go amiss in my opinion.  You quote Socrates in correct context-
I quote-  (1) DEMOCRITUS  " The only two certainties are space and atoms . All else is mere opinion ! " That holds true as to the immediate T/A and F/A debate
as well as religious and philosophical  questions.
        In our dealings one with another let me quote another French philosopher who got it dead right
             (2) VARVENAGUES-- "Whoever has seen the masked at a Masquerade Ball dance amicably together ,exchanging pleasanteries . Taking hold of hands without knowing each other . Leaving the next moment to meet no more can form an idea of the world ".
        Can I make the outrageous suggestion we bear the above in mind in our dealings with one another on a daily basis. Starting in this debate. Trusting I have not "set mischief afoot ". That is not the intention!
                                                    David S.


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