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[sharechat] farmers and foresters What Is next by macdunk

From: "Duncan MacGregor" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 18:45:23 +1200 (New Zealand Standard Time)

Farmers and forestry have been taking a hiding lately.  Lets look at the record to make an Informed opinion of what happens next.  Farmers have made some very ordinary decisions In the past.  Its a bit like the markets, to many people rush into this and that like a flock of sheep on tow, when the smart money is doing the exact opposite.   Remember kiwi fruit, deer,
goats, ostriches for gods sake, and beef, then they all rushed into dairy farming.   We now are In the situation where pines are out.      Macdunk will stand on record as saying you are all wrong If that Is what you think.  At this moment In time I would think about buying Into dairy farming when It bottoms likewise forestry.  I was once offered $200 for a ten year old nanny goat that was worth nothing, needless to say I had more respect for nanny than the buyer and turned the offer down.   Regardless of what The market says NZ produces the cheapest meat, butter, cheese, wood or paper, than the opposition.  The reason Is climate you cant beat that.  Marketing Is what Is required by people that understand the Industry not greedy self centered types In for what Its worth and everything they can lay there hands on.  The trouble we face Is there are not enough leaders of quality to lead but plenty of the other types.    look at the records of some companies, eps against what the top dog expects to cream off.  forestry will make a comeback as will farming In time.   The smart money In my opinion will ride against the trend so keep selling guys.  
              cheers macdunk 
PS only an honest opinion don't get to excited
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