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[sharechat] Biotech Investment Strategies

From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2003 13:05:18 +1200

"The slightest bit of bad news can severely depress the stock prices of 
biotechnology companies.   But the market must be terrible when 
companies, particularly development orriented biotechs, trade for less 
than ththe value of their cash and short term liquid investments.  This 
is happening on international biotech markets."

Source: The opening paragraph of the biotechnology feature in the 
April 3rd-9th edition of Business Review Weekly.

As a value investor this article caught my attention.  I haven't been 
invested in biotech for some time, until very recently.   I guess you 
could say I was successful in my previous foray into biotech because I 
came out with my shirt still intact.   Actually I did a little better than 
banking a small profit.  But the return would still look pretty grim given 
the alternative investments I might have made with that same money 
and the rollercoaster ride I got.  Biotech guru I am not!

Nevertheless, before I share with you what I believe is the best Biotech 
investment out there at the moment, I thought it might be worth asking 
the question.     Any other biotech investors out there still with their 
shirts?      How did you keep the aforementioned shirt on on?


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