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[sharechat] THL

From: Jefley Aitken <>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 09:50:45 +1300

"If the HY report really delivers, there could be ~40c special div,> in 
which case a very good profit...Jefley"
"My wife would have to eat her hat if this was the case, and that would be 
a rarity indeed! Regards Michael"
Looks like the hat is safe -- and the wife has good judgment.  Am actually 
pretty crabby -- it's not as though the current geopolitical mess was not 
predictable last November when THL announced the possibility of some 
capital restructure/special div.
Clearly the managment have no predictive capability whatsoever, except 
insofar as they consistently get it wrong.  At which point does their 
repeated  incompetence become fraud? -- I'd vote 'now', and fire the CEO 
and half the board as well.

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