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[sharechat] More Vodafone competition for TEL

From: "DR" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 20:17:08 +1300


'Connected by Vodafone' heralds a new era in the provision of mobile data
solutions for business

Vodafone today announces it has signed global agreements(1) with the leading
computer equipment suppliers Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Psion
Teklogix and Toshiba to offer business customers an extensive range of '
Connected by Vodafone' mobile computing devices such as notebooks, PDAs and
Tablet PCs with easy connection to Vodafone's GPRS data network.

Earlier this month, Vodafone announced the launch of Vodafone Remote Access as
part of the Mobile Office programme.  'Connected by Vodafone' is the next
deliverable under this programme. In partnership with Vodafone, computer
equipment suppliers will offer, market and sell a variety of mobile data
connectivity solutions(2), including Vodafone Remote Access.  For the first
time, business customers will be able to receive 'Connected by Vodafone' devices
from their existing computer equipment supplier, heralding a new era in the
provision of corporate data. All 'Connected by Vodafone' devices will be tested,
configured and supported by their supplier, providing business customers with
instant, secure mobile access to their corporate networks.

'Connected by Vodafone' delivers the customer's favoured device ready for mobile
access to corporate email, databases, intranets and other core applications. It
makes this easy by removing the complexity of implementation and configuration
currently faced by users.

All 'Connected by Vodafone' customers will enjoy the benefits of Vodafone's
extensive GPRS footprint, enabling them to seamlessly access their services
whenever they travel abroad.  'Connected by Vodafone' roaming customers will
experience the same Vodafone 'look and feel' and will receive the same
consistent levels of Vodafone service performance and security they experience
on their home Vodafone networks.

Thomas Geitner, Chief Executive, Global Products and Services, Vodafone, said:

'By providing an integrated mobile data and IT solution from a single source, '
Connected by Vodafone' is a step change in the way in which business customers
can fulfil their mobile business needs. By partnering with IT vendors to
integrate, configure and test mobile access at the point of manufacture,
business customers can now choose to purchase their preferred integrated mobile
hardware device in the knowledge that it will be fully supported by their
supplier of choice.

'IT departments benefit as supply, implementation and support complexities are
eliminated, ultimately providing users with a superior experience and greater
assurance as to the reliability and robustness of the solution.'

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