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[sharechat] NRT--NOVOGEN--Phase II trials to start today

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:27:08 +1300

As mentioned before, these trials have 2 parts:
1. Phenoxodiol drug stand alone (completion before Dec31) and
2. Mixed with another drug (cocktail). I am particularly interested in this one which is to start in January after the completion of item1. This is to finish about June, next year.
The first one concerns Phenoxodiol by intravenous injection. A number of Leukemias and some other diseases are involved. The work is to be done at RNS Hospital in Sydney and various cliniques in the US.
We had hoped that the Australian trials would have started 6 weeks ago but due to logistics problems, it is to start today.
Yale university will be in charge of these trials. Phenoxodiol  did a wonderful job in the lab; it killed cancers within 2 days. Novogen expects that when used on humans it would kill within a week, that is, if it is successful. The world's top brains have done the research on it.
We ought to get reports at end of Dec or in Jan., I think.
This NRT opens up a new world, much to learn about medical terms, interesting and rewarding, I hope! 

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