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[sharechat] Snoopy's strategy

From: "charlie brown" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:15:56 +1000


If you were after the $0.37 now on the basis that you were being "oppressed" 
(or whatever the particular phraseology is) I would be gathering some 
empirical evidence to see if/how this has been affected in the past by 
oppressed minorities.

I suspect of everyone plays this joker card this time around then scaling 
will have to take affect meaning that you might get a rude shock on how many 
shares are bought back from you anyhow.  Also, I thought I read somewhere it 
is basically a veto right for Xylem ie if they say "No" then they will be 
bought out.  The punters will then go 12 rounds for the remaining $8m or so.

Bruce and is band of merry men - as Banksie used to say when refering to 
Winston, "Now I've heard from the monkey's, I would like to hear from the 
organ grinder"

C Brown - head like a lollipop

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