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[sharechat] Cullen to Introduce Wealth Tax - & Trans Tasman Ppty

From: hugh webber <>
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 07:21:27 +1300

Quite possibly and sadly true. After all it was Bolger who introduced the 
Treaty of Waitangi
settlements and it was Bolger who brought in MMP....and its now Bolger 
advocating and running
KiwiBank. We either need a strong ACT presence in Parliament    
 or another Roger Douglas coming through the Labour Party.
Rational advice from Treasury to the government is just disregarded.

Good to see lots more posts, although there are still some company results that 
don't seem to get
discussed. Either they are so transparent and easily understood that no one 
needs to discuss them
(Que?) or there are hidden undervaluations that cause people to go silent while 
they quietly buy
some more....

I was interested to see Trans Tasman mentioned a few posts ago. Potentially its 
the best buy on the
sharemarket with a going price of 25 cps and a NTA of 70.2 cps.
Its still struggling to recover from the aftermath of 1987, Sir Robert Jones, 
changes of ownership,
badly organised mergers and apparently incredibly bad management. However the 
present 'leaders'
were astute enough to see the rip off possibilities and ran a very cheeky very 
undervalued bid to
take the company off the long suffering shareholders hands. Luckily GPG stymied 
that one so the
possibilities are still there. I think the commentator said it was due to 
report soon. It may be
about the time they break into profits and dividends again so worth a punt.

But don't string me up if the management is still so incompetent they can't run 
a corner dairy. 

Disclosure - don't own any TTP, used to once.

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