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Re: [sharechat] [ Urgent,please contact me

From: "" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 12:31:10 +0000

Hi acp,

>I think isawillie is a pseudonym. he/she is hiding their real name. 
>It should be Isawally or maybe anyone who fell for it is the wally. 
>The way to deal with one of these "people"is to find a spam site and 
>add their address to it. cheers 

I can't help agreeing with your sentiment, but have to disagree with 
your advice.   Adding a spammers throwaway address to a spamlist will 
achieve nothing, except add unnecessary congestion to the internet.

The solution is to copy and paste the whole thing (including headers) 
into 'spamcop' (    This will identify where the 
message truly came from (usually not the same as the "from:" address 
as this is liable to be forged) and the host of any contact addresses 
or websites listed.

You then write separate complaints to each of these places.   That is 
really the only way to make some impact on the problem.  The other 
golden rule is to never contact the spammer yourself directly, 
particularly in response to any 'remove address' request form.   This 
will only confirm your address is 'live' and increase it's value for 
on selling to other spammers.  SNOOPY

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on Pegasus Mail version 2.55
"Dogs have big tongues, so you can bet they don't 
bite them by accident"

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