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[sharechat] Around the fringes

From: "Michael Phillips" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2002 14:39:42 +1300

I remember a while back Gerry produced some information for us as to who
was on the fringes of entry and exit of the NZSE40 index, but I believe
he had to directly contact the NZSE in order to obtain this.

>From memory there is a control mechanism for entry and exit from the
index (to prevent it from being too volatile I daresay).  As a result
there is likely to be companies that are rated in the top 40 by market
capitalisation that have yet to gain inclusion in the index (either by
not climbing high enough or number 40 in the index not dropping low
enough over the 3(?) month period).

With the exit of Frucor from the NZSE40 at the end of January, it has
been advised that Briscoes is replacing it in the index.  I am curious
as to whether there is a site/publication that is able to detail for me
the ranking of NZSE companies by market capitalisation so that I can
formulate a watchlist of the companies that are presently listed on the
NZSE that are bordering on entry to the NZSE40.


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