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[sharechat] ARL Candle Chart

From: "andrew cottingham" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 13:19:36 +1300

Following on from the recently posted WAM chart showing the profitability of using trendline breaks, hereís a stock thats had itís share  of problems, but may be on the turn. I post this chart to show once again how profitable trend-lines breaks can be. ARL was $3.00 a share in Dec 99, but over the last 2 years has fallen from favour. Currently ARL it is in a gentle up-trending channel. If you look at the chart attached you will see if you purchased after the trend-line was broken on heavy volume (and waited for a 3 day retracement) you could have bought around 24c on 6th or 7th Nov. Recently it has been as high as 40c. (A nice profit in less than a month!).  Trendline breaks can often make money in a short space of time as Phaedrus has shown many times before. (It is always advisable to have a  stop loss in place to protect capital). If you are interested in fundamentals, recently the company have appointed new managers, etc, and are disposing of their loss making divisions. More info at


Disc. Currently have some ARL.

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