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[sharechat] Buy; Sell prices.

From: "Bruce Harris" <>
Date: 29 Oct 2001 10:17:16 -0000

Hi all,
Am using an online broker- Directbroking as it happens- and always wonder when 
looking to buy or sell shares what to do about putting limits on the buy or 
sell price; or selling at market. How do others play this? I live overseas 
(from NZ) and do not have the ability to track prices on a real time basis 
through the day. 
I have a slight suspicion that if I put the decision as "at market prices" that 
I will end up with the highest prices for the day (in a buy case; the reverse 
for selling). Is this suspicion well founded, or on average have people found 
that they clearly get market prices. Similarly if I set a limit that is higher 
than my preferred price, albeit that I am willing to pay if the market moves 
there, my suspicion is that the price is always likely to end up there. 
Conversely if the limit is set too low, then I do not end up with any shares. 
None of this is intended to be a criticism of any broker; rather I am 
interested in how others manage this process; and how have you found the 
brokers to act. 
Regards, Bruce. 

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