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[sharechat] Garage Sale

From: "Richard Hooper" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:50:27 +1300

Sad time for NZ, which overtime will affect the NZ economy.
Our stocks are trading too cheaply, as reflected by the recent buyout behaviour.........trend is typical of a neighhood garage sale......get in early for the bargains......whats left at the end of the day for the garage-seller is a pile of junk that no-body wants and you can not even give it away.
It will take years of hard work by all concerned in NZ to rebuild  company assets back up and regain foreign investors interests that are benefical not destructive.
Who do we blame for this?
EVERYONE    from Present/Past Governments company execs strategy planners..analysts..sharebrokers .. stock exch..investors.. even us..driving down prices due to a decade or two of negative attitudes and dated  economic, law and other overall society systems.
In affect  all NZers as a collective society  are partly to blame for the eroding of our economy...It seems that it will only take a major crisis to wake everyone up to be able to effect a change in our flawed systems..perhaps this minor crisis is the start for better things ..lets hope so
Very concerned


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