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Re: Re: [sharechat] Genesis ( NZSE.GEN ) or Peptech ( AX. PTD )

From: "G Stolwyk" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 11:47:01 +1200

Readers, before proceeding, please read the Disclaimer in my previous post! 

Thank you, Colin!
I always appreciate a comment from a pharmacist!
There is a large market for anti-TNF pharmaceuticals now.
Below are comments from " Decision Resources, Inc." which reviews the commercial potential of novel agents in this field:
 The TNF-Alpha Inhibitors in therapeutic products: " Etanercept "( Immmunex/Wyeth-Ayerst's Enbrel ), " Infliximab " ( Centocor/ Johnson@ Johnson's Remicade ) being used in the rheumatoid arthritis ( RA ) and inflammatory bowel disease( IBD).
They predict that by 2010 approx. 37% of the anti-TNF market place will be attributed to sales in novel indications.
Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis trials are now in late-stage clinical development  and the TNF inhibitor will be the principal driver of growth in this market according to forecasts.
Congestive Heart Failure ( CHF) This seems to be associated with high levels of TNF bio activity. This requires further study.
Sepsis: A modest but definite beneficial effect by application of a refined anti- TNF product " Afelimomab " ( Knoll/Abbott's Segard ) in an improved clinical trial design, have been noted.  
Yes, I have followed the TNF- Alpha Inhibitor market closely; it is showing great promise and profits are rising exponentially: It is a massive market! 
This post and the previous one were mainly written for this site:
This is the prime Australian Message Board on PTD.
 I promised to do a summary of the status of PTD: See post 3241on that site.
( See also posts 340 and 1069 from the MMD Message Board).
There are some principal contributors there and they are nice people to work with: these traders are a team and act accordingly.


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