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[sharechat] Genetic Engineering and The American View

From: jo 99 <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 08:34:07 -0700 (PDT)

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The greatest marketing opportunity of unlimited
possibility for your failing nation is to, in time
declare yourselves the world's only organic country.

Today you have blown it and that opportunity will be

A sad day for you profanum vulgis.

Genetic engineering is a dark corridor which, in time
will leave enormous damage.

A very sad day.

Moving along I see my recommendation of Cabletalk in
the 50's has been a good one and I hope it goes some
way to mitigating the Commsoft debacle.

Messages of thanks and appreciation can be sent to the
above email address.

The US is indeed the land of milk and honey and I am
very pleased to be here. The only difficult decision
for most people here is in what colour to order the
new Mercedes.

As compared to NZ where the parallel decision is
whether to go without meat this week so one can put a
retread on the Skoda.

The other noticeable difference (except cars,
clothing, manners, speech, food, education, defence
and housing) is the hospital system. It's incredible!
Here you can actually sue a doctor if he amputates
your leg when he was supposed to remove a boil. Just
imagine, Kiwis: doctors responsible for their actions!
How radical!

Au revoir mes amis


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