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Re: [sharechat] Portfolio Valuation <Assistance required>

From: "" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 23:09:03 +0000

At the risk of stirring the pot the other way, here are my 
contrarian views on the answer... 
>I need to be able to periodically value my portfolio, typically at
>the end of every week.
Unless you only have one week to live, this seems a bit extreme for 
an investors standpoint!
> Currently I invest in a 'seat of my pants' fashion and tend to let
> the culling of dogs from my portfolio drift beyond what is prudent.
So Peter Maiden's little disseration on 'disciplined investing' (part 
of the 'Learning to Invest' series) struck a chord with you too huh?
> If I could track the changes in portfolio values, in a spreadsheet
> for example, I would be more aware of those shares which are
> losing.
Maybe, but you wouldn't know why they were losing which means you 
wouldn't know where the better park for your money would be either.

If you want to know 'where' you are losing on a weekly basis, why not 
just buy the Sunday Paper each week? 
> Can any sharechaters recommend an application for this purpose, or
> share their tips and tricks?
Try a pencil and a bit of paper.   Sure it's a bit slower (which will 
save you worrying about it and doing it too often) but even a basic 
four function calculator will give you the same answer as a 
spreadsheet in the end.   And if you are at all familiar with 
your investments then 6 months between portfolio rebalancing 
should be frequent enough.  Your next task is to find a hill with 
some greenery on it and walk to the top.   Much better for you than 
staring at a computer screen.  And it is surprising how many 
investment conundrums you can sort out in your head on such a trek.   
Have a great 'rest of the weekend'. SNOOPY

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