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[sharechat] RBC Share Buyback

From: "i_claudius" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:04:12 +1200

I've just been re-reading the buyback disclosure document.
I see that the buyback could not commence until 10 business days after that
document was sent to shareholders I.E Monday 30th July, but also that
Rubicon would give the NZSE 3 business days notice prior to commencing.
I haven't seen this 3 day notice.
So,presumably no action until Wed next week even if the notice is given this
Why the delay?
Is the market price going to deteriorate making for a better buying
Or is there some other reason to hold back?Has the potentially imminent sale
of FFS got something to do with it?
Any thoughts,please.

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