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RE: [sharechat] The great V hunt

From: "Christian Mair" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:13:45 +1200

Well said Ceejay,
Coming from Austria and experiencing the beginnings of Red Bull I have to
say that I absolutely admire their style of marketing, sponsorship and
distribution. Drinking Red Bull is a "Lifestyle" thing and only Coca-Cola as
well has this kind of label. Just look at Coke's new advertising campaign
"Life tastes good". I remember Pepsi paying Michael Jackson at his height of
stardom enormous amounts of money to advertise Pepsi. It hasn't changed a
thing for Pepsi as its still a beverage and not a "Lifestyle" option.

IMHO: Even with millions of advertising budget, V could never scratch on the
surface of Red Bull. Its not a matter of V tastes better (and it does) but
there is only room for one drink in the Energy Drink sector. With a hint of
patriotism I do not believe that Red Bull can ever be beaten but New Zealand
is my new home and I wish Frucor with V all the best.

discl. do not hold FRU

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[]On Behalf Of Colin Ross
Sent: Wednesday, 27 June 2001 12:00 p.m.
Subject: Re: [sharechat] The great V hunt

Brand image is everything, isn't it.
For instance, there are any number of Cola drinks, but only one Coke.
Coke have created their own monopoly position, sufficent to influence even
Buffet .

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From: The Hudson family <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 9:38 AM
Subject: [sharechat] The great V hunt

> Hi from London which is currently having its hottest spell of weather for
> years - if there was a good time to be in thec drinks business it is now.
> No sitings of V as yet. Red Bull (and to a lesser extent Red Devil)
> all the outlets I have visited including W H Smiths.
> Spookily today's business section of the Guardian had an almost full page
> about energy drinks. You may be able to find it online at
> I have not looked for it as I am using a very slow internet connection via
> mobile phone.
> The gist of the article was
> The market for energy drinks is growing rapidly
> Red Bull and its ilk are predominently used in pubs and clubs as mixers
> Red Bull dominates but is under attack from many other players
> Brand is everthing
> There is some doubt as to how long the fad might continue and many Britons
> put off Red Bull (and its competitors?)by the high caffeine content
> tend to be very transient in the licensed trade and the endurung
> of Red Bull remains to be seen. Its one thing having a Red Bull and vodka
> night but another drinking a can of Red Bull at your desk in the morning.
> may say too much about your lifestyle"
> V is mentioned " Smaller brands V and dt have started to appear in Red
> key selling locations of bars,off licenses and garage forecouts but not in
> volumes. So far retailers are sticking to a brand that they know makes
> monry"
> Top 10 Energy Drinks (period not stated)
>                        Sales m   % Growth
> 1. Red Bull             145.1       +86
> 2. Lucozade Energy       93.3       + 5
> 3. Lucozade Sport        34.3       +23
> 4. Lucozade Solstis       5.1       +86
> 5. Red Devil              3.8      +185
> 6. Lucozade Low Cal       2.8       -54
> 7.=Purdey's               2.1       -8
> 7.=Oasis Revitaliser      2.1       +8
> 9.Indigo                  1.5       -19
> 10. V                     1.3       na
> The Lucozade products are sports drinks rather than energy drinks and so
> in a different market.
> Doesn't look to good so far but we are heading West and then North in a
> of days and I will continue the hunt
> Cheers from a sweltering London
> Mike H
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