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Re: [sharechat] TEL

From: "ryanrite" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 12:12:15 +1200

TEL Hi greg
The reasons I have been buying TEL are;
Southern Cross Cable income is going to increase X4 by increasing the speed at which it can work;
Toll calls in NZ are now being charged to the next minute which should double there income;
CDMA IS TO START mid year (soon);
The growth has to come from australia which they have moved to do this;
The fall of OneTel will help in the long run TEL;
Although 10% of the shares where placed at 5.50 Tel have the money in hand to make more money.Another words 500million was placed by investors that believed Tel was going to make there money work and they had more informatoin than we do;
Sales where up 2nd quarter 2001 over last year total 2.67 billion an increase of 169.2%;
Sales 1999 to 2000 (june) an increase of 26.5%;
1998 =3.40 billion;
1999=3.42 ''  '''''''
2000=4.33 ''''''''''''''
 Earning per share 39c for 12 months ending 31/12/00 still paying 69.2% in dividends (27c per share) showing 4.8%
Earning per share 2nd quarter 2001 17c
Earning per share 2nd quarter 2000 11c
 I believe Tel is going to increse it share profit which most make the share price cheap to buy now that is why I have been buying'
Maybe some fed back on above would be good
Remember when Tel income per share was 45c the price was around 9.50
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From: greg
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: [sharechat] TEL

I would say that there has been a clear trend of increasing highs and lows since the beginning of the year.  TEL's chart has now broken out of this trend - triggered by the recent share placement.  One thing this capital raising exercise did was to get investors to have a good look at the TEL's financial position as evidenced by the contributions over the last week or so.
This morning the share price seems to be looking for a support level.
What I'm not sure about is the two big trades of the last two days.  We know that the share placement was 91m shares at $5.50, but that there were trades of 73m and 95m shares over the last two days.  The price of these two trades was $5.50, so it looks as though some of these new shares have changed hands.  I guess it is possible that this could happen without triggering an SSH notice.  The total number of shares on issue now is 1762m + 91m = 1853m.  So 95m shares represents just over 5%.
Anybody got any thoughts?



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